Media Hub Overview

Do you have LARGE UHD/4K files to process?
Media Hub Overview

The KnoxMediaHub will increase your productivity while you process those large UHD/4K files or multiple HD files requiring fast transcoding? Don’t you wish the processing would just happen automatically with a couple of clicks?  Moreover, would you like to lower the cost of processing to near zero per unit? It’s all now possible and without any CAPEX investment!


Automated Ingest, Transcoding, Storage and Delivery of your content is now possible in the Cloud. In addition, Fast File Transfers, Basic Editing, Concatenation and Quality Assurance features will increase your productivity.

The infinitely scalable solution automates the ingest process in high volumes and in any format. It also provides parallel transcoding at an unrivaled speed. A smart storage feature combines short, intermediate and long-term storage with automated cost optimisation. You can immediately merchandise and preview content, then make it available for sale and download via individual client portals.

Media Hub Customers

Aimed at Agencies and Creatives, Content Owners and Distributors, Broadcasters and Publishers including OTT operators, KMH wish to help your productivity. In addition, Sports & News Agencies regularly need a rapid turnaround of content which we provide. Moreover, the Security and Banking industries gather huge volumes of CCTV footage that require effective management.


We’re unique in that we provide Parallel Processing of UHD/4K files. The system will process a single 30-minute file in 30 mins or 10,000 files also in 30 minutes! Full consultancy and workflow customization services are available allowing us to integrate into your existing workflow.


Content owners are becoming increasingly concerned about security.  As a result, the protection of copyright and content security is always a high KMH priority.  Downloading the following document provides detail about the security offered. Moreover, KMH consistently meets the very latest security standards.

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