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Zoomin TV achieves Higher Margins and Revenue with KnoxMediaHub

Currently Zoomin TV is Europe’s number one online news video producer and mobile video advertising network operator. Also, we are still expanding our market and KnoxMediaHub is helping to showcase our catalogue with a quick and easy content delivery and management platform.

The Objective

Zoomin TV

To acquire a platform to show and sell ZoominTVs’ raw clips in the highest quality to TV stations. This is where the company currently sells mainly to online publishers.

Zoomin TV Approach

Evaluate the different platforms on the market to find one that enables Zoomin.TV to make its videos available in TV quality, that can be Previewed and are Distributable without the need for any physical transport but using a fast and secure digital content delivery platform.

IT Improvements

  • Infinite volume capacity without any local hardware, software, storage or operational resources.
  • Provides a minimum time to market (TTM)
  • Increase interaction with ZoominTV clients with the use of a secure Client Portal that offers multiple content features such as Metadata, Preview and Quick Search.
  • Better content accessibility and improved monitoring of content processing with the use of extensive reporting of a client’s operations, 24/7.
  • Limitless scalability and high-speed Parallel Processing resources.

Business Benefits

  • A permanent catalogue showcased accessible to Zoomin.TV clients from wherever they are
  • Delegation of any processing allowing the company to save resources for future needs
  • Empower the company clients generating a customized portal for each one where they can preview and manage downloads and new content formats
  • Immediate distribution
  • Merchandising of Zoomin TV new releases

Content Management for Daily Production

Zoomin TV has continued to grow steadily over the past few years. The company has a daily production of 400 professional news videos in 17 languages. These are produced by native speaking freelance journalists. Moreover, the company is not only a video production house but also a distributor.

Zoomin tv takes care of the whole process of producing a journalistic news video. They also use their extensive news network to distribute it to companies and people that matter.

Zoomin TV raw clips are single picks, this also means a single buy which is different to normal. With the KnoxMediaHub platform, the company was able to achieve the shortest time to market. The platform offers a worldwide 24/7 service from the Cloud which ensures the best connection between Zoomin TV and their clients. Using the KnoxMediaHub platform, Zoomin tv has radically improved its productivity.

Quicker and Easier Workflows

Zoomin TV wishes to be present in people’s lives worldwide. Also, the company wants to show what’s happening on the other side of the world by producing thousands of images to inform or entertain people. No matter “what” but “how”. Zoomin TV annually publishes and distributes more than 100.000 video items in 18 different languages, filmed by 2000 video journalists working in different parts of the world.

An important decision for Zoomin TV was to determine how the content was going to be treated and transferred to its clients. With the launch of the KnoxMediaHub platform, Zoomin.TV made its extensive video library available to television stations and online publishers.

Now the company has its content securely available to the world, it can deliver digital content to all its clients in a rapid and efficient way without the loss of quality. “We have a delivery system for 2000+ publishers around the world for our Ready to Publish content. Our feed delivery system feeds needless in KnoxMediaHub system, so that helped a lot in a quick start. Helps us to sell our Archive and other single or group buys, other than a daily feed” X says.

Also, using the platform Zoomin.TV has acquired a competitive advantage, shortening the time-to-market and getting a system to show its catalogue helping to sell it.

Improving Your Business Productivity

The KnoxMediaHub platform uses Cloud technology that leverages the Zoomin TV business. In addition, the platform allows Zoomin tv to keep their content in the cloud ready for worldwide distribution and to showcase and promote the company archive.

The KnoxMediaHub platform boosts the ZoominTV business and allows the company to invest its time in other tasks. Also, the platform transports and delivers the files with exceptional efficiency.  Using data acceleration technology from the market leaders (Signiant/Aspera) it leverages the fastest EC2 computing instance utilising the smart storage. The use of these kinds of services guarantees a minimum cost per delivered unit.

Furthermore, the Zoomin.TV business model relies on offering the highest quality in the shortest possible time to market. The KnoxMediaHub platform helps the company to reach that goal and as a result, helps to sell their content.

Finally, to understand more about KnoxMediaHub, call us now to discover how we can help you!  Please either call or leave a message via our Contact us page.

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