Cloud-based Video Transcoding

Ingest and cloud-based video transcoding requirements often co-exist. Whether it’s for use on your own platform and facilities or you need to deliver content to your clients. It might be that you are a Post Production business. You might also need to ingest and transcode to an *.MXF format along with a proxy before you can start editing. Sometimes there might be several stages of transcoding required. Let KMH provide you with an unbeatable toolkit that will significantly improve your productivity and more importantly lower your operating costs.

Key Features:

Video Transcoding Platform

  • Parallel Processing saves a significant amount of time.
  • Immediate delivery, regardless of the number of files.
  • On-Demand and/or automated operation for your clients.
  • Provides a 100% OPEX Business Model.
  • No local hardware or software required all is in the cloud.
  • All formats supported both in/out Including UHD/4K
  • Video, Audio, Subtitles, and Metadata processed.
  • Quality Control provided.
  • A Huge Time Saver!!

Cloud-based video transcoding also requires a lot of computing power, devoted hardware and time. Queues delay the availability of the transcoded files. Moreover, it requires a suitable amount of human resources to manage it.

KnoxMediaHub relieves you of all these burdens. It is able to deliver infinite computing power within the Cloud.  Get your 100 or 10,000 files transcoded at astonishing speed.


With the high volumes of files to process, KnoxMediaHub is able to process your files fully automatically.  Moreover, the platform is able to ingest the content and add / exchange metadata as required. Also, client portals allow the preview and optional download of content by your clients.

Cloud-based Video Transcoding

Standard and Customised Codecs Available:

Finally, to discuss your transcoding requirements, please call the KnoxMediaHub team or leave a message via the Contact Us page.  Moreover, we will be in touch quickly to discuss your requirements.

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