Video Quality Control

Video Quality Control of your assets is very important and a necessary part of video processing. The KMH platform provides an extensive list of checks. Furthermore, delivery any users account or alternatively sent to any desired email address

Video Quality Control

Video Quality Control Features include;

  • Batch QC:  Scalable architecture allows Quality Control checks on any number of files simultaneously.
  • Media containers: Also supports common media containers including mxf, mp4, mov, avi, m2v, ts, Matroska.
  • Video codecs: Support for common codecs including HEVC/H.265, H.264,  MPEG-2, MPEG-4, & ProRES.
  • Audio codecs: Support common audio codecs including aac, pcm, ac3, mpeg Audio, MPEG 2, 5, mp3, wav, aiff, wmv.
  • Watch Folders: Watch folders can have QC checks performed on them with no need for download. This avoids any extra transfer costs.
  • QC Report: QC reports deliver automatically to a user account or via email.
  • ABR Inputs: Quality Control for adaptive streaming content is also available.

Also, for more information please contact our sales team via the Contact us page now. Alternatively, please call KMH for assistance with your workflow requirements and your project planning.

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