Video Metadata Management

Video Metadata ManagementVideo metadata management is a very important part of maintaining a media database. Keeping track of content with a Metadata Manager is essential for an effective workflow.  It also needs to be fully customisable to suit your specific needs and those of your clients. We ensure we make it very easy for our customers to use and manage their metadata in terms of automation with no limitations in terms of adding or replacing new content.

Video Metadata Management Features:

  • Provides automated creation of metadata.
  • Also, allows custom managed metadata fields
  • Metadata is attachable to Files and File Containers
  • Smart filtering is available as standard
  • Generate custom categories within client portals
  • Supports combinations of multiple values
  • Editing operations can manage data inheritance
  • Also, provides Automated Metadata Extraction based on image analysis/recognition on request.

The KnoxMediaHub solution is able to inherit existing Metadata and utilise it.  Also, sidecar files can add additional data to the metadata.  Please ask the KnoxMediaHub team to advise you on what we can offer.

Also, new features are being added all the time as we add new workflows for customers.  Please be aware that KnoxMediaHub is very flexible. We will be happy to discuss your exact requirements and interface to your existing workflow.  We aim to provide a very cost-effective solution.

Image Analysis

KMH is also looking at image analysis. We interface with partner platforms allowing us to offer facial recognition for example.  Alternatively, within video footage when a specific logo is detected, specific functions can be carried out on a website for example.  The potential is endless. So if you have a specific interest in this type of technology, please discuss it with KMH.

Finally, for more information about how you can achieve your Metadata goals, please call us now. Alternatively, please leave a message via our Contact Us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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