Video Ingest

The easy to use browser-based application allows you to control the video ingest process manually within the KnoxMediaHub solution. In addition, automated ingest moves files from watch folders to the cloud via FTP or an API.Video Ingest

Handling Big Data

Moreover, if you ingest a multitude of titles every month, each with its own origin that includes audio track layouts, associated sets of files with metadata, the KnoxMediaHub (KMH) becomes the perfect solution.  Also, removing those large hardware/software CAPEX costs to just a very cost-effective monthly OPEX fee will assist your cash flow and increase your overall business profit margins.

In addition, your ingested assets can be delivered via Fast File Transfer solutions. The Video, Audio, Subtitles and Metadata will be rapidly moved to the cloud ready to monetize your KMH platform.

Key Video Ingest features

  • Supports SD, HD, UHD/4K as required (*)
  • Fast File Transfers from Aspera, Signiant, File Catalyst Supported
  • FTP, HTTP, PUSH & Watch Folders fully supported
  • Assets can contain any type of file that complements the title
  • Unlimited Metadata which is fully user definable at all times
  • Powerful Search facilities using Tags/Metadata values
  • Generates Quality Control Metadata automatically
  • Also, allows adaptable workflows
  • Real-time Dashboard reports all operations to the maximum granularity

* IMF, XAVC, HEVC/H265 ProRes & H264 & AS11-DPP

Optimising your Workflow

KMH can provide consultancy enabling you to achieve a fully optimized workflow ideally suited to your requirements. In addition, we can save you an immense amount of time and significantly reduce your manpower requirements. Also, you can fully expect the increased productivity to make your company increasingly profitable.

Finally, to discuss your video ingest and processing requirements, please call the KnoxMediaHub team or leave a message via the Contact Us page.  Alternatively, to filling out a form, send an email to and we will be back in touch as soon as possible.

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