Video Content Delivery

Video Content Delivery to your clients needs to be efficient. It allows users to transfer content easily and from anywhere. The content is likely to contain both master and proxy files in multiple formats for the support of all your clients.

Moreover, review and final downloads must be filtered automatically.This is where the Knox Media Hub delivers in terms flexibility. Whatever the workflow, we can fully or partially integrate with your existing workflow with a view to improving your overall productivity.

Digital Asset Management for Distributors

Video Content Delivery Features

Video Content Delivery
  • Immediate access to News/Sports/ Urgent Content
  • Remote Contribution Available as Standard
  • Merchandising of Content via Open Client Portals
  • Fast and efficient Encoding in Preferred Formats
  • Low-res Preview of Content Prior to Download
  • Excerpt Extraction Enhances Download Efficiency
  • Automated Client-Content Association
  • Self-Service facilities Available to all clients
  • Also, includes Smart Filtering
  • Avoids manual logistics
  • Also, includes Automated Email notifications to clients
  • Provides Extensive Reporting of Operations

Remote Productivity

Moreover, Excerpt Extraction, Client Content Association, Smart Filtering and Self Service functions are available to enhance your workflow productivity.

Also, the need for hiring couriers to transport videotapes disappears.  The click of a button now replaces the hassle and logistics and greatly improves your productivity.

Get Your Demonstration Activation Now!

Finally, to obtain more information and to have access to a demonstration account please call us now. Also, outside of normal working hours or holidays please leave a message via our Contact Us page.  We will be back in touch as soon as possible.

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