The Complexities of Video

Today, any Distributor, Broadcaster or Over The Top (OTT) Platform, must offer its content on all available end-user devices: TV, Internet, Mobile, Gaming Consoles. Multiple formats and resolutions are delivered. These include 4K, HD, SD. You cannot afford to miss any portion of your audience.

Complexity grows significantly when your assets are delivered in multiple formats simultaneously.  The need for storage and computing power grows exponentially as well as operations within the workflow. This implies significantly higher costs both in terms of CAPEX (Hardware and software) and OPEX (operations, headcount, maintenance, ….) The companies within the value chain carry increasingly heavy burdens to cope with the complexity, ….. But, at the same time…..

Inverted Economics

With traditional media, an end user was worth a dollar or so. However, today the whole value chain has to exist with significantly lower revenues and resultant margins.

Viewers or advertisers only pay a few cents per programme watched if any (if it’s not subsidised). This means that the margins at each stage of the supply chain are an order of magnitude lower than in the past. “10 to the minus 1”

It’s a phenomenal inversion for the Industry requiring all its players to completely rethink their costing structure and business models. For most, it’s now a case of “conform or die”.

Complexity and reduced margins are mutually incompatible. It’s an almost impossible equation to solve. To face this new reality a business needs to run extremely lean and be very efficient.  

For decades, the media industry enjoyed large margins, never needed to be particularly efficient, lean or optimised. However, as the Automobile Industry experienced 25 years ago, this sector now needs to adjust itself to meet the following primary objectives:

  1. Optimise Sales
  2. Remove all inefficiencies
  3. Lower costs to zero where possible
  4. Avoid investments, which, by definition, convey a period of oversized resources that require cash up-front.

Fortunately, there is some good news (and very news good if operators play their cards right), new business models and a digital business can be developed with very low costs and risk.

This is where KnoxMediaHub enters the picture…

We provide a solution that solves this apparently impossible equation! KMH connects the players of the complete value chain within the cloud. We advise our clients to;

  • move their catalogues and content to the cloud and keep it there to take advantage of the highest security
  • execute all operations in the cloud where computing power and storage are unlimited.
  • use resources that cost literally a few cents per event
  • manage everything from a web browser on any simple computer.
  • leave the burden of complexity and operations to KnoxMediaHub.
  • fully automate the workflow ensuring the highest efficiency.
  • remove the need for hardware/software
  • allow focus on Creativity and Sales, the true core of your business
  • pay only for what you use.

We get the job done in the Cloud.  It is an order of magnitude faster and extremely cost-effective in that it’s automated and unattended.

Storage Changes

We all remember those Disc’s, HDD’s, Portable Discs and Pen Drives we had at home!? However, now we are using Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive and similar.

Alternatively, at a corporate level, email servers and software inside a company compare with Google Apps/Gmail Suites simplicity? Google does it all, and users pay for as much or little as they use.

This is what KnoxMediaHub bring to the Industry, a vertical solution for the media industry that removes the need of hardware, software, non-creative operations, by outsourcing most tasks to the infinite and affordable power available in the cloud.

The KnoxMediaHub Proposal

Our aim is to allow clients to sell and distribute their content 24/7/365 worldwide with simplicity and ease. More importantly, we are looking to reduce the cost of the handling content and operations which is the most important part of our value proposition.i

An example of how smple we make it for our clients and indeed their own Clients: Throughout the year, a complex operation tied to a very important business is managed via a web browser.  No hardware or software is required with the workflow fully automated and providing an excellent Quality of Service across 5 continents!

A client of ours achieved a significant sale by being able to meet its Chilean client’s strict delivery requirements.  They were required to deliver 50 episodes of a series of 200 within 3 days to Santiago in Chile.  Dubbing tracks were being recorded in Miami, the masters were in a different video format in Portugal. All the significant computing and transfer requirements were to be outsourced to the KnoxMediaHub Cloud.  Our Client closed the sale and more importantly to the full satisfaction of the Chilean Broadcaster.

For more information about our ability to handle high volumes of content and achieve rapid delivery please give us a call to discuss your workflow.  We can rapidly arrange a Free Demo and indeed a Proof of Concept for you. Out of European business hours please leave a message via our Contact us page.  Either our local distributor or one of the KMH team will be in touch ASAP.

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