Success Stories

KnoxMediaHub has an ever-growing list of success stories that we are now posting online for you to review.  The principal is to allow you to understand how you can improve your workflows and productivity. A link will be posted on this page to specific success stories with a brief summary. This will allow you to match the circumstances of your own operation.Success Stories

Should you have any questions, or would like to discuss how KnoxMediaHub can improve your workflows and productivity, please give us a call now or leave an enquiry via our contact us page.

Dorna has grown considerably over the past eighteen years. It has also become an exclusive commercial and television rights holder for many important sports championships. These include MotoGP, our star product. Due to the confidence that our clients have in our company, it’s our duty to provide them with the best quality service. We also rely in KnoxMediaHub to empower our business and strengthening the connection with our clients.  They provide a way to manage our high volume of content.

Jordi Sais, Director – Timing & Computing Department.

Currently Zoomin TV is Europe’s number one online news video producer and mobile video advertising network operator. We are still expanding our market and KnoxMediaHub is helping to showcase our catalogue with a quick and easy content delivery and management platform.

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