KnoxMediaHub Team NAB 2019

The KnoxMediaHub Team NAB 2019 is ready! We intend to be mobile but will be based at the IABM booth (S215LMR) in the Upper South Hall.

Already operating in the cloud? – then please come and have a chat. Our interest in your cloud experience is high! Learning the successes you have had and indeed the problems would be of great interest. Potentially we can help you solve your problems.

We are not aiming to replace your cloud or on-premise solution unless you want that. Our aim is to help you minimise costs by isolating bottlenecks or problems you have an INTEGRATE a solution. We are not out to reinvent the wheels of motion.

KnoxMediaHub Team NAB 2019 is Ready!

The KMH GUI launches on April 1st, 2019. This carefully crafted solution will be available at the show and we can provide you a demo account too!

Please leave a message via our Contact us page, alternatively please just call +44 7776 393 292 or email so we can arrange a meeting.

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