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About Knox Media Hub

Knox Media Hub provides a SaaS Cloud-based solution that relieves many of the common client burdens.  It takes care of many video processing operations and executes them in the cloud where the resources are unlimited.  In addition, suppliers, partners and clients can connect into a collaborative workspace making jobs very easy.About Knox Media Hub

It’s a case of just enabling access to whoever requires it. Content, Video, Audio, Subtitles and Metadata are effectively processed. Editing and Transcoding within the cloud i available to all global clients and destinations via just an internet browser.

Studios, Post Production Companies, Broadcasters and OTT platforms all have specific pain points when managing and sharing content files. These include different standards, significant requirements in terms of hardware, software, bandwidth and of course operational costs.

Moreover, file sizes grow as video moves from SD to HD and onto 4K/UHD. In short issues with the management, processing and delivery costs are eased. Issues with an extended time to market, low quality of service to clients become a thing of the past.

Why Trust Knox Media Hub to Empower you Media Business

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Also, Studios, Rights-holders, Post Production, Broadcasters & OTT’s operators need to move to the Cloud to maintain competitiveness. KMH enables media companies to embrace new business models. These boost sales, lower costs and make operations lean and efficient.

Finally, for more information about Knox Media Hub, please call one of the KMH sales team or leave a message via the Contact Us page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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