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Investor News 24th May 2019

Convocatoria de la Junta General Ordinaria de socios de Knox Media Hub, sl

Investor News Dec 2018-Jan 2019

Together with our Best Wishes for the New Year 2019, we are happy to share with
you the latest KnoxMediaHub investor news!

All3media International

Our 3-year agreement with All3media International (a3mi), makes headway with the upload of their large catalogue. This includes 20K hours of high-quality content, contained within 40K Assets and 200K+ Files.  Moreover, the deployment of advanced development packages will happen in Q1-2019. These are also new and very advanced features.

Broadcast India Results

Now also working with the largest global producer of content. Thousands of TV channels addressing billions across 5 continents, the Indian Broadcast market appears particularly suited to the KnoxMediaHub. Following Broadcast India in October 2018, we are now following up with 32 new potential clients. Also, our Distributor for India, Rahul Commerce, has assigned staff dedicated to just KMH sales.

Finalising the Best User Interface in the Industry

Investor News

The deployment of a multi-featured user interface is due in Q1 (2019) is now announced to investor news. This release will also put our Media Asset Management Platform amongst the best in the Industry. We will clearly be the leader in Cloud-based Media Asset Management platforms.

It combines an elegant look, feel and style with highly advanced operability. Also, its tailored to the most demanding needs of Media professionals.  Included is the latest RESTful API Technology and all the financial advantages of Cloud Technology.

Technology and all the financial advantages of Cloud Technology.

Progressing towards a Cloud-based TV Channel in Spain

We are in advanced talks with a well-known DTT Broadcaster in Spain to supply them with a 100% Cloud-based Playout service. Clients of this service typically enjoy the same or better Quality of Service whilst experiencing savings of 70% or more of their current OPEX and 100% of CAPEX.

We are also working with the leading Digital Terrestrial TV signal Distribution company in Spain, Cellnex Telecom, to set the appropriate architectures, given that the origin of the TV signal will no longer be a local Studio but an Amazon Web Services Cloud Data Center in Europe. If we manage to get this deal, many more in Spain will follow, as the Value Proposition of Cloud Technology is unbeatable.

Our Vision is clear: most TV Channels will move to the Cloud in the next few years to stay sustainable and competitive. This Vision is starting to be validated in India, Spain and more countries. Discovery Channel is moving its huge infrastructure to the Cloud by “pioneers”, clients who decide to go first. This trend must accelerate and become mainstream in the near future as the rest of the Industry realises that the Cloud is “the” way. KMH is ready to capture the value that this global wave will generate!

Finally, for more information about KnoxMediaHub please call Santiago Miralles or leave a message via our Contact us page.

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