Fast File Transfers

KnoxMediaHub Integrates with Fast File Transfer Services:

The need for Fast File Transfers continually increases with the growing need for 4K/UHD files. In addition, with 8K also on the horizon, this issue is going to become more difficult. With feature-length movies of two hours or more, the size of a file might reach 1TB. Therefore the fast file transfer times are going to be long even with a fast internet connection.

Fast File Transfers

Both TCP/IP and FTP protocols are inefficient by design. Significant error checking takes place. However, there are now several companies offering Fast File Transfer services. These utilize a UDP Protocol which is significantly more efficient. This along with other technologies make data transfers fast and also have low latency.

Fast File Transfer Services:

KnoxMediaHub currently supports both Aspera and Signiant with options for other services. These are for the upload/download of files to the KnoxMediaHub;

Performance Difference:

Also, for a comparison of the Aspera File Transfer service. A 500GB set of assets moved via TCP/IP could take 101 days assuming a 100MB/s data link. However, use of the Aspera connection will reduce it to 12 hours.  The efficiency of basic TCP/IP connections can be very poor. KnoxMediaHub also offers Aspera as a  Fast File Transfers service. However, others are available.

Performance Calculator

Establishing transfer times estimates is possible online. Aspera’s Performance Calculator is free to use.


As a result, our demonstration account includes a Fast File Transfer application as standard.  Try it out now and experience the greatly enhanced file transfer speeds.  Don’t miss out on the significant time saved with its use.

For more information please contact our sales team via the Contact us page now. Alternatively, call KMH for assistance with your workflow requirements and help with your project planning requirements.

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