Dorna Showcases its Catalogue with Greater Visibility and a Reduced Time To Market using the KnoxMediaHub Solution

Dorna has grown considerably over the past eighteen years and has become an exclusive commercial and television rights holder for many important sports championships such as MotoGP, our star product. Due to the confidence that our clients have in our company, it’s our duty to provide them with the best quality service. We rely in KnoxMediaHub to empower our business strengthening the connection with our clients and giving us a way to manage our high volume of content.

Jordi Sais, Director – Timing & Computing Department



To obtain a platform that maintains Dorna’s catalogue permanently showcased at zero distance from their clients wherever they are worldwide in order to improve and complete the company system.

The Approach

Evaluate the different platforms in the marketplace to find one that enables the company to keep their content secure and ready to go when the company authorises it, getting immediate distribution where content is available to their clients, worldwide and 24/7.

IT Improvements

  • Increase volume capacity without any local hardware, software, storage or operational resources being required.
  • Achieve the least Time To Market (TTM).
  • Increase connection with the companies clients by using a reliable and interactive Client Portal.
  • Better content accessibility and extensive reporting about client’s operations in real time.
  • No limits on scalability.

Business Benefits

  • An interactive portal to manage content for its distribution in broadcast quality and in any format Dorna clients need.
  • Merchandising of new releases using an open window to keep in touch and promote the latest productions.
  • Content management in a fast, transparent, easy and efficient way.
  • Unbeatable Quality of Service with no delays and all master formats available to Dorna clients.

Sports Content Distribution

Founded in 1988, Dorna Sports has positioned itself as an important international sports management, marketing and media company. Since 1992, Dorna has retained the exclusive commercial and television rights for MotoGP. Additionally, the company manages other important motorsports competitions including the MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship and another series that acts as a stepping stone for future MotoGP riders at the FIM CEV Repsol and the Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup. During these years, Dorna has developed a solid position in audiovisual sports content, thus becoming one the leading reference brands in the sports market.

As a result, the company acknowledged that there was the need to look for a secure way to manage and show this content. Since Dorna implemented the KnoxMediaHub platform, the workflow between Dorna and its clients has been optimized, automating and reducing the time for delivery.  The platform is not only a useful tool to manage content but it’s also a way to keep Dorna in contact with its clients and a method to promote all its content. Dorna has empowered its business reducing the distribution costs and time to market and keeping a permanent catalogue in the cloud.

An Open Window to Clients

Dorna MotoGPDorna’s main priority was to use a Web Portal where contents are available to clients and where transfers and downloads are quick and simple. Dorna gets content from many well-known championships. These include MotoGP, FIM Superbike World Championship and the Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup. In addition, championships that promote the development of the next generation of riding talent like the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup or the FIM CEV Repsol International Championship.  Every competition is made at a different time and place. This means that Dorna has a huge content catalogue that needs to be uploaded and downloaded from different parts of the world.

As the company started to grow, they needed to adopt measures that improved their service. Dorna decided to implement KnoxMediaHub platform as it offered what the company needed. “Our content had to arrive faster to our clients but we didn’t want to sacrifice speed for quality. KnoxMediaHub guarantees faster transfers with the best quality of service, giving to our content the correct treatment. Aside from that, they also provide us with a way to show our content”.

Now our clients have a global idea of what content is available or not.” Sais says. With the KnoxMediaHub platform, Dorna clients have a customized client portal where they can upload and download content in an immediate and secure way, worldwide and 24/7. The company has at every moment the users and content under control.

Improving Your Business Productivity

KnoxMediaHub platform uses cloud-based technology, converting its benefits into leverage for Dorna’s business. Once Dorna started to use the platform, clients could quickly and easily access the content in a secure way. The platform enables the company to stay in contact via the cloud ready for worldwide distribution.  It is also able to showcase and promote all their productions.

KnoxMediaHub platform boosts the Dorna business as it allows the company to invest their time in other tasks. The platform transports and delivers the files with high-efficiency data acceleration technology from the market leader. The platform is not only a method to distribute Dorna’s content.  It is also an efficient and secure way to save resources. Dorna has empowered its business by reducing distribution costs. Time to market is also significantly reduced while keeping a permanent catalogue in the cloud.

The Dorna business model relies on offering the best service to their clients in terms of time and quality. The KnoxMediaHub platform helps the company to reach that goal.

Dorna has no need to worry about scalability which is essential to develop the business. With the KnoxMediaHub platform, Dorna is confident of operating much more efficiently and faster. They also feel that its clients receive a better quality of service.

Finally, for more information on how you can greatly improve your business, call KnoxMediaHub now to discuss a solution.  Alternatively, please leave a message via our Contact us page and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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