Cloud Video Storage

Cloud Video Storage Options

Post Production often requires cloud video storage. Also, it is a prerequisite for moving files and work in progress.  location to another. Whatever your requirement, KMH has a solution. Furthermore, cloud video storage avoids a CAPEX outlay and provides a highly secure storage medium of;

Cloud Video Storage
  • Short-Term Storage with immediate access
  • Intermediate Storage with immediate access
  • Long-Term Archiving – with delayed access (up to 4 hours)

Fully scalable to your exact cloud storage requirements for Work in Progress.  Alternatively, assets forgotten for a specified periods move automatically.

Automated Cost Efficiency

Cost-effectiveness improves automatically. Short-term stored content moves to an intermediate or long-term category after a predefined period.

Short-term Storage with Immediate Access

Short-term storage retains any amount of content in any format. Moreover, your data is immediately available.

Intermediate Storage with Immediate Access

The Intermediate category of video storage provides a medium-term storage solution.  Also, the content is immediately retrievable without any delay.

Long Term (Archive) Storage

Low-cost long-term storage is available as standard. However, recovery can take a few hours. Archiving for instance and conversion of old videotape footage to a digital format is always available.

 Regional Storage with Exceptional Security

Regional Data Centres can hold your content for specific regions. You may choose your preferred geographical locations. Moreover, each region provides the ability to operate production applications and databases.  AWS security is state of the art. This also means there is no need to worry about the security of your content.  It will certainly be safer than in a local storage.

Finally, for more information please call the KnoxMediaHub team or leave a message via the Contact Us page.

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