Cloud Transcoding Services

Cloud Transcoding Services have the ability to deliver an almost infinite amount of processing power.  Whether you have just 10 files or 10,000 the KMH solution will deliver the processed files based on the length of the average length of the video programmes.

Cloud Transcoding Services

  • Parallel Processing saves time
  • Rapid delivery of high volumes
  • Manual or automated operation
  • 100% OPEX Business Model
  • No Hardware/Software required
  • All Formats Supported including 4K
  • Video, Audio, Subtitles and
  • Extensive Metadata Control

Cloud Transcoding Services

The KnoxMediaHub delivers rapid and high-quality results in the cloud. Files that are 30 minutes in length transcode in around 30 minutes. Whether its just 10 or 100,000 files processing it all happens in parallel where all finish simultaneously.  Groups of master, MXF and low-res preview streaming files, for instance, will process in parallel. Files deliver to both clients user portals and local/remote servers as required.

The KnoxMediaHub is integrated with the Signiant Fast File Transfer services.  Uploads/downloads between the KMH solution and the ingest/delivery servers greatly increase.  Files normally taking days to transfer often reduced to just hours.  To establish the speed benefits, the Signiant Calculator will be able to predict the difference between a basic TCP/IP connection via FTP and via the Signiant platform.  KMH is also able to Aspera Service as well on request.

In addition, full control is provided via a common web browser on a PC or Tablet.  The automation processes high volumes of files without human intervention. Alternatively, processing manually or a mixture of both are also available.

For a demonstration account or indeed a Proof of Concept (POC), please request a demo and quote and we will be in touch as soon as possible. The demo is likely to be self-explanatory to a professional editor.  KMH will carry out an online demo and walk you through the various features and benefits.  We have no strict demo periods, the demo remains available until you are fully aware of the capabilities of the KMH solution.

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