Cloud Media Asset Management

KnoxMediaHub provides a Cloud Media Asset Management solution within our cloud-based SaaS Solution. It also supports operations both inside and outside your organisation both;

  • Inside: A Cloud Media Asset Management system that takes care of all your content.
  • Outside: Enabling fast and efficient operations with your Partners, Clients, Suppliers of Content and Post-Production Studios, etc…

Cloud Media Asset Management

Cloud Media Asset Management Features & Benefits:

  • Your assets always remain under your control.
  • Unlimited scalability provided for Storage & Processing.
  • Hardware/software requirement removed.
  • Integrally managed via all common web browsers.
  • Customisable client/partner portals, keeping all connected, globally.
  • Instant content availability for authorised partners, with a global reach.
  • Also, ideal for Sports and News agencies.
  • Full duplex workflows allow client/freelance contributions.
  • Advanced reporting is provided on all operations.
  • A true global collaborative workspace for you and your partners.
  • Finally, automated and manual file processing features.

Management of large 4K/UHD files:

High-resolution master files are generally unmanageable due to their large file size. Following transcoding, automated routing delivers the manageable proxy files to any global destination. 

Also, Knox Media Hub takes full advantage of the available processing power. The speed and cost efficiency of cloud computing improves the QoS delivered to your clients. At the same time, there is no need to invest in hardware and software. Moreover, the need for human resources significantly reduces.

Smart Asset/Client Association:

In addition, Knox Media Hub will be able to fully automate the content delivery to your clients. You will need to schedule the jobs that your client has acquired. These are very useful in the case of News or Sports Agencies. The system will automatically route that Content to a client’s specific portal. This allows the client to view and download the acquisitions in a preferred format. Also, automated pushes are also available.

Cloud Media Asset Management Features include:

  • Instant content availability for authorized clients
  • Also, authorized clients can Preview, Download and place re-encoding orders as needed
  • Client Portal’s provide instant global access which is fully under your control
  • Tasks run on the most powerful computers on the market

Cloud Media Asset Management Platform Business Model:

Finally, forget about all those logistical issues.  The use of the KMH Cloud platform frees up a lot of time and effort. Moreover, it frees your team from the worries of hardware and software procurement and management. Avoid high operational costs with the KMH OPEX business model. Instead, focus on producing/acquiring the best content catalogues for your clients.

Your Free Demonstration Account:

Also, for a free demonstration account, please call us or leave a message via the Contact Us page.  We will be in touch as soon as possible.

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