AWS Security Compliance

AWS Security ComplianceAWS Security and Compliance

The KnoxMediaHub architecture is governed by AWS Security Compliance.  We take full advantage of the security certification and compliance policies which include global standards and recommended best practice. AWS has certifications from the most demanding authorities across all industries and most countries. However, much more detail can be found at the following URL.

Moreover, the fact that AWS complies with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) Content Security Program. This is the world’s most demanding security, best practice, and common guideline recommendations. KMH, by having its complete architecture within AWS and following by default the security specifications stated in the previous document, we therefore fully comply with the MPAA security recommendations.  For today’s content owners, these standards are a must in terms of your content and financial security.  For more details please download the following document.

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KnoxMediaHub SL
KnoxMediaHub SL